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You save BGN 60 buying this package, instead of 4 bottles CORIOLUS EXTRACT 30% POLYSACCHARIDES of 60 capsules!

Certificate by Agrolab

Ingredients: 98% Coriolus mushroom extract with 30% polysaccharides, super fine grinded, by the “shellbroken” method to increase bioavailability; 2% anti-sticking agent: magnesium stearate; capsules made of plant cellulose. Gluten FREE; GMO FREE; Natural product with high bioavailability.

The quality of the raw material of this product is controlled by the German laboratory Agrolab.

100% vegan gelatin free lactose free gluten free
GMO free color additive free flavors free preservatives free

Application: Biologically active food supplement. Coriolus is rich in specific polysaccharides (beta-glucans). Imunomodulator, which enhances body’s own defense and improves health-related quality of life. It benefits the following organs and systems: immune and digestive system (stomach, esophagus), lungs, liver, pancreas, ovaries, breasts, cervix. It also benefits the reproductive system – uterus and reproductive organs. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces the feeling of physical and mental fatigue. Antioxidant.

This extract is 30 times more concentrated than the mushroom powder.

Manufacturer: Arcadia Herba EOOD


Use: 2 capsules 2 times a day, with a big glass of water, during meals or as recommended by a specialist.

Recommended daily dose: The daily dose of 4 capsules contains 1.2 g of 30% Coriolus extract.

Caution: Consider the individual intolerance to the components of the supplement. The product is not a medicine. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet! Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! Keep out of reach of children!

Storage: In a dry place, protected from sunlight, at a temperature from 5° to 25° С.

Net quantity: 96 g

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