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Dr. Biomaster is one of the leading distributors of natural immunomodulators in Bulgaria. The company offers high quality products with a proven effect from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and the United States.

The raw material, which is used for the production of Dr. Biomaster’s medicinal mushroom products is from Germany. The substances used in the products are derived from the fruiting body of the mushrooms and not from their mycelium, which guarantees the efficiency of the products. The quality of the raw materials is controlled by the German laboratory AGROLAB.


Dr. Biomaster has offices across the country where clients can consult with experienced doctors. They have undergone special training in mycotherapy carried out by lecturers from Russia and Germany and are members of the "Society of Medicinal Mushrooms Bulgaria".

The doctors of Dr. Biomaster prepare individual therapeutic protocols based on the medical documentation and the health condition of the patient.

The therapeutic protocols include:

  • • Immunomodulators of medicinal mushrooms, herbs and hemp products intake;
  • • Products, which have beneficial effects on various systems and organs;
  • • Special diet/ therapeutic diet;
  • • Normalization of the alkaline-acid balance;
  • • Elimination of toxins from the body.

Clients can also find books with information about the properties of the products at the stores of the company. For more information, click HERE.

Why choose us:

  • The medicinal mushrooms are grown in ecologically clean areas;
  • Strict quality control is applied at every step of the production process - from mushroom cultivation to the production of the final product.
  • The drying and extraction process is gentle - it uses the “Shell Brocken” technology, which increases the bioavailability of the active substances;
  • The most modern machinery and equipment are used, which guarantees clean processes and clean production;
  • The raw material preparation is carried out in Germany and Austria, in production areas with ISO 22000 certification.

Although in recent years various companies in Bulgaria have started offering food supplements such as "Meitake", "Shiitake", "Agaricus", "Reishi", "Cordyceps" and others, when the customer is looking for health products, he must first of all think about the therapeutic power of the supplements. If the aim is to achieve rapid results in severe diseases, the patient should not trust the advice of non-specialists, because this type of treatment often has no effect and creates mistrust towards natural medicine.

In order to achieve the required results, the patient can consult with one of the doctors, who are members of the "SOCIETY OF MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS".


Did you know that medicinal mushrooms are one of the most ancient remedies, and in Asian countries they are being used as an official adjuvant therapy. They have many beneficial properties including immune system support in the fight against various diseases.

Immune Modulator is a special blend of the most effective medicinal mushrooms known in the world - Shiitake, Maitake, Agaricus, Reishi, Cordyceps and Coriolus. The mushroom extract, which is used in the product is extremely concentrated - the preparation contains 40% polysaccharides from 5 of the mushroom’s fruiting bodies and high quality Cordyceps mushroom extract.

Immune Modulator is a powerful natural remedy that helps maintain the activity of the natural killer cells (NK cells) – innate immune system cells. The product supports the immune system after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.


Herbs and herbal products have been used for a thousand of years in the alternative medicine protocols. They are preferred because of their amazing health benefits and minimal side effects.

Curcumin x40 is an extract of curcumin, which stands out from other similar products on the market with its high bioavailability, which is about 40 times higher than ordinary turmeric powder.

The detox formula is a high-quality natural product made from 14 Bulgarian herbs and 10 medicinal mushrooms. The product helps cleansing the body from toxins and stimulates its physiological healing processes.

The Super Formula for Heart and Blood Vessels contains 22 herbs and helps maintain normal heart muscle tone and heart rhythm, as well as normal coronary, cerebral and peripheral blood vessel tone.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main biological active ingredient in the industrial hemp plant. This type of plant is grown in special conditions and contains minimal traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (psychotropic ingredient). After being harvested, the plants undergo purification and extraction processes as well as strict quality control, which guarantees concentrations lower than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is beneficial for the immune function and, according to scientific researches, it can affect pain and inflammation.