An Aloe Arborescens product made upon the famous recipe of Father Romano Zago

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Products – Aloe Arborescens by DECA ALOE ARBORESCENS

The company Deca Aloes Arborescens Sri manufactures the well-known dietary supplement “ALOE ARBORESCENS JUICE”, developed after the recipe of the world-known Franciscan Scholar from Brazil Father Romano Zago. The Brazilian recipe consists of Aloe Arborescens whole leaves, Aloe Arborescens juice, non-processed raw honey and 1% certified organic alcohol.
The product aids the body’s defenses by providing supreme immune support and general cleansing for the whole body. This is the ideal product for those who want to achieve brilliant health and increase their energy and vitality. The proprietary products of Deca Aloes Arborescens contain a unique combination of active substances from Aloe Arborescens extract and whole leaves. The natural properties of the specially grown plants together with the excellent methods for extracting active substances make this product quite different from many other similar products on the market.

Aloe Arborescens imageThe product offered here is a dietary supplement produced by mixing the whole fresh leaves of Aloe Arborescens and acacia honey through strict cold processing. The production method guaranties preservation of the natural properties and active substances of the row materials.

Among more than 200 species of the Aloe genus found in different habitats of the world Aloe Arborescens is the richest in beneficial active ingredients. The plants used for the manufacturing of this product have been grown according to traditional breeding techniques in total respect of the plants seasonally defined biological rhythms and of nature, which apply to no treatment of any sort in conservatory.

This truly remarkable plant possesses Aloe image multiple properties: activity at the gastroenteric level (helping digestion, intestinal rebalancing), body cleansing action and intestinal rebalancing of metabolism. Such important properties make Aloe Arborescens invaluable in improving and maintaining physiological health.
The acacia honey is a superb energetic product recommended to anyone interested in natural nutrition. Thanks to its high content of simple sugars, acacia honey is easily absorbable by the human body.

Independent laboratory data shows that the Aloe Arborescens juice, used in the product of DECA ALOE ARBORESCENS, contains the highest range of molecules that possess the greatest immunomodulatory activity. The full complement of polysaccharides – associated with the complete phytotherapeutic health properties – is also present to assist in achieving maximum health benefits.
(Private Research Test on file of constituents of Aloe Arborescens whole leaf juice)

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Recent studies administered by the Palatinin Salzano Venezia Institute in Italy have discovered that Aloe arborescens is 200% richer in beneficial phytotherapeutic properties than Aloe vera. (Father Romano Zago, OFM, The Scientific Monographic History of Aloe Vera and Aloe Arborescens, Private Paper, Italy, 2002)

There is a lot of scientific information about the ways in which this marvelous plant ensures good health and longevity.
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Read carefully the directions on the label or product leaflet before use.

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