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quality certificate by AgrolabAlmost all weight reduction products work through splitting of the already existing fat cells. Sad experience with starving, dieting, intensive exercise etc. shows that adipose tissue rapidly restores unless the liver works properly. Japanese geishas knew how to make the liver function properly. Europeans have always been impressed by the slimness and lightness of Japanese women. Even today on the streets of Tokyo it is hard to meet fat women. But this is not a matter of eating habits. American hamburgers are also popular in Japan. However, the ancient traditional mycotherapy (therapy by means of medicinal mushrooms) still helps the Japanese women to remain slim. The secret is in the consumption of special mushrooms that reduce the body weight. There is an art called “Yamakiro”, in which geishas were trained. It teaches how not to gain weight if one has to try each dish of the guest’s rich menu. Each geisha had vials with mushrooms in her cosmetic casket. The mushrooms included in this system for weight loss are the most famous for weight reduction, namely Maitake, Shiitake and Reishii in the form of powdered fruit bodies and Cordyceps mycelium extract.

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