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quality certificate by AgrolabAlso known as “caterpillar-fungus”.

The effect of the Cordyceps mushroom extract is stronger than the effect of the dried mushroom (in the form of tablets/ powder) because it is about 30 times more concentrated!
– Increases the body’s defense against infection.
The extract has strong antibacterial and antiviral effects.

From the Mountains of Tibet.
Cordyceps sinensis has been very popular in its motherland – the Tibetan mountains, not only among local people, but also with animals inhabiting the region. Yak herdsmen noticed that sheep who were grazing on the mountain skirts searched for and gladly ate some small mushrooms growing there. The herdsmen noticed that these sheep were extraordinary flexible and prolific and lived longer. Thus they discovered the potential health benefits of the Cordyceps mushroom. From that moment on, the route to defining Cordyceps as an extraodinary expensive tonic and aphrodiasic was not long. Nowadays the price of one kilogram of this mushroom gathered on the Tibet plateau ranges between $16,000 and $34,000.
The Cordyceps mushroom looks like a caterpillar. To grow out of the soil, it needs a host, a caterpillar species, which the fungus invades when both are under the earth. As the caterpillar cannot be artificially infected and the original mushroom is extremely expensive, Cordyceps extract is produced from its mycelium only. The stuff is called CS4 and is in no way inferior to the original fungus. It is grown in nutrient solution (not in sawdust or straw as the original). The highly effective Cordyceps exract obtained by this method of growing is absolutely pure.

Read carefully the directions on the label or product leaflet before use.

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