ESSIAC® is a herb formula, which is all natural and completely safe
The formula:
– contains high-quality herbs
– has been used in Canada since 1922 and has been distributed worldwide
– is produced according to G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards)
– has been standardized

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ESSIAC® is produced after the recipe of nurse Rene Caisse (1888­-1978). This recipe has been world-famous since 1922.

ESSIAC® – POWDER FOR INFUSIONS 42.5 gr, Price: 28.00 EUR
ESSIAC® – EXTRACT CAPSULES, 60 capsules 500 mg, Price: 32.00 EUR

– ESSIAC® is a herb dietary supplement, which does not contain any preservatives or other additives. The herbs are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
– Not to be taken during pregnancy, by nursing mothers or by small children.
– Avoid food or drink (except water) 1 hour before and 1 hour after taking ESSIAC®.
– Shake well before use.
– The product should be consumed cool/brought to room temperature
– This product is not a medication and is not intended to substitute a healthy diet. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Keep in a dry place, at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Keep away from children.

Read carefully the directions on the label or product leaflet before use.

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