Dr. Biomaster Detox formula

135 capsules 410 mg
Price: 18.00 EUR

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Detoxifies the blood and the lymphatic system!

Anti-aging effect!

Wonderful complementary dietary supplement, which can be used with each healing and anti-aging therapy. It also may be administered as prophylaxis against a large list of diseases.

100% vegan gelatin free lactose free gluten free
GMO free color additive free flavors free preservatives free

“Detox Formula” is a dietary supplement and is recommended as a general strengthening supplement.
It can be taken:
– Preventive – to increase the body’s resistance to influenza and other infectious diseases
– To increase the vitality – the product acts as an antioxidant
– In chronic fatigue and depression
– When the functional status of the immune system is weakened due to various factors (the negative influence of ionizing radiation, ultraviolet radiation, chemotherapy, prolonged therapy with antibiotics, various toxic compounds present in air, water and different food products – heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, ect.)
– In cases of chronic pulmonary diseases and diseases of the upper respiratory tract
– In skin diseases
– In allergic diseases
– In cancer amid conducted chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

All natural product! It contains a special blend of 10 medicinal mushrooms and a carefully chosen Bulgarian herbal extracts mixture.

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