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quality certificate by AgrolabAlso known as “the God’s mushroom”

The effect of the Agaricus mushroom extract is stronger than the effect of the dried mushroom (in the form of tablets / powder) because it is about 30 times more concentrated!

The extract:
– stimulates and modulates the immune system;
– supports the respiratory system, the urogenital system and the cardiovascular system;
– supports the proper function of the digestive system;
– helps overcome Chronic Fatigue and weakness;
– slows down the aging process.

In Brazil – the motherland of Agaricus Blazei, the mushroom, which looks like an ordinary mushroom, is also known by a number of names, such as the “almond mushroom” (because of its fragrance of almonds), the “mushroom of the Sun”, and the “God’s mushroom”. These names express the great respect local people have for this mushroom species. Various valuable active substances and especially polysaccharides in high concentrations were found in this mushroom species, despite the fact that research interest in it arose only a few decades ago.

Recent history and a promissing future

For Agaricus, the quiet times were over from the moment researchers announced their observation that cancer is almost unknown in populations consuming regularly this mushroom. This news evoked great interest worldwide. Since then the mushroom composition has been thoroughly analysed. Nowadas, it is industrially cultivated on growing media. Researchers discovered that the Agaricus Blazei mushroom is extremely rich in polysaccharides.

Beta-glucan polysaccharide compounds are among the most valuable constituents of medicinal mushrooms. Research shows that health benefits of healing mushrooms are mainly due to these substances.

Read carefully the directions on the label or product leaflet before use.

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