Doctor Biomaster

Since 2003 Doctor Biomaster has been the largest Bulgarian importer and manufacturer of medicinal mushrooms products. The company offers some of the most powerful natural immune modulators from Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA and Bulgaria, which are fully compatible with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. They are used as a support to the immune system of people fighting against life-threatening health conditions. Dr. Biomaster also offers effective natural products used in many countries around the world by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and by those at risk from stroke and myocardial infarction. The product Diafungi helps minimizе the severe complications, resulting from diabetes.




Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH is the biggest and most renowned manufacturer of medicinal mushrooms products in Germany. The company is resident in the region of Munich and has been on the market for more than 35 years. Its products are distributed in dozens of countries in Europe and worldwide. Each year Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH invests more than 500 000 euro in products analyses and quality check. Hawlik is the first manufacturer of food supplements to receive the right to bare “Argolab” logo on its products – a top quality mark which is granted only to companies that have shown the most strict production policy. As the laboratory checks follow German quality regulations, each batch is analysed for more than 500 pesticides, heavy metals and microbiology. Each mushroom powder goes through a special DNA analysis, which certifies that the customer is offered exactly the kind of mushroom shown on the packing.



Bio products with hemp extract by MEDIHEMP

Deep Nature Project is an austrian manufacturer that produces pure, natural hemp oil products that are beneficial to people and help them remain active and healthy.

The MEDIHEMP product brand is 100% healthy, 100% natural and 100% legitimate high CBD (cannabidiol) products. The products are also very rich in all the other beneficial substances contained in the hemp plant. The amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabioldiol) is guaranteed within the legal limits and the products have no psychotropic effect. At the same time, the brand offers products with a particularly high content of CBD (cannabidiol). Research has shown that cannabidiol promotes health even in people who are struggling with serious health problems.

High-tech production processes benefit from the best practices of sustainable agriculture. The MEDIEMP brand guarantees the use of the entire hemp plant – from stem to color – nothing is lost. The company is also very serious about the organic production certificate. Only plants certified in the EU (Austria) as “bio” are used.

In the development of hemp oil products, Deep Nature Project closely cooperate with international partners in the field of medicine and nutrition science. This allows them to produce CBD products of the best quality and excellent bioavailability.




Enecta is a family owned company of Italian hemp producers, scientists and botanists who work together in the name of one purpose – to create and distribute the best quality cannabis products in a fair way. Their policy is to sell at a low and fair price.

The hemp plants are carefully selected and grown in Italy on certified land areas without using pesticides or herbicides.

If you are looking for natural and clean products – you can find them with Enecta. Everything in the processes of growing and producing remains as pure and as close to the nature as possible.

In clinical trials, Enecta has collaborated with university researchers to learn more about the health benefits of cannabis extracts.

The company’s customers receive 100% safe products with the highest possible quality of the extract. In the bottle, you will find exactly what is described on the label.

Products with CBD are manufactured in a professional pharmaceutical factory, which is GMP certified and compliant with the FDA. From planting the seed until packaging the ready product, each step is taken with the upmost care to ensure always the best quality.




Cibdol produce products with the highest quality. Every part of their production process is driven through strict quality tests. They not only integrate processes to check quality and safe production, but also track them over time by annual analyzes. Based on the results, they prepare corrections with short deadlines for implementation.

To be completely confident in their products, Cibdol undergoes an annual food safety system inspection.
Cibdol products are manufactured in accordance with the standards “FSSC22000” and “Halal”.


Alchemic Extracts

Alchemic Extracts is a Swedish holistic company that manufactures cannabis products. In their production they combine ancient alchemy principles with modern technologies. At present, their product range consists mainly of different types of hemp products, but also works on extracting oils and extracts from various plants such as turmeric, cocoa, sponge tea and many others.

Their purpose is to revive the ancient holistic knowledge lost in our time. Their desire is to spread this knowledge to more people and to achieve a more solid society in a holistic way.

The hemp plants that the company uses are natural and very resistant. They do not need spraying with pesticides or herbicides.

In plant processing, the company includes custom-made machines that follow ancient alchemical principles. The extraction technique is performed by vacuum pressure and circulation of organic 96% ethyl alcohol which passes through the plant material. At vacuum pressure, the boiling point of the alcohol is reduced to about 50 degrees, which helps to preserve many valuable and at the same time heat-sensitive components of the plant (terpenes, phenols, etc.).




The Canadian herbal blend Essiac® is probably the most popular immunity support product for people with severe health problems in North America. The recipe was discovered in 1922 when a patient told nurse Rene Caisse her extraordinary story of how she had recovered from a severe disease. The nurse decided to check and try the recipe, using her own last name spelled backwards to name it. Eager to help incurably ill people, Rene Caisse establishes her own clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. During her lifetime, nurse Caisse managed to help thousands of people. The grateful citizens of Bracebridge built a memorial monument of the woman who saved thousands. Unfortunately, in nowadays there are many attempts to copy the Essiac® product. Certain companies on the Internet claim they have added more herbs to their “enhanced” recipe and have created a better Essiac. All claims of that sort are false and untrue. Essiac Canada International is the only company with the legal rights to the ESSIAC® trademark name in Canada and ship the original products worldwide. Each form of ESSIAC® contains the exact ratios to Rene Caisse’s formula. Dr. BIOMASTER Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Essiac® Canada International for Bulgaria.




Deca Aloes Arborescens S.r.l. – an Italian company which we built from this one fundamental ideal: to produce a range of cosmetic products and alimentary integrators made primarily from aloe-arborescens extracts.
Our mission is to bring people closer to the benefits of nature through unique products, aimed at well-being and beauty. The extracts from aloes arborescens, together with special ingredients bring about high quality products recommended for well-being and beauty. A small range of products has been created, from developing research, to cater for the most complex consumer needs. Products originating from Deca Aloes Arborescnes contain a unique combination of concentration and mixture so that the properties of aloe arborescens, along with its potency, and our methods of plant extraction make them different to the countless other products on the market.



Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Hulda Clark (Master of Arts, biophysicist and Doctor in Physiology) was a famous American scientist, born in Canada. Dr. Clark dedicated her life to research the frequencies of parasites, viruses and bacteria known to cause a number of diseases in humans. Her inventions are based on the theory that if we know the resonance frequency of a given bacterium, virus or parasite and use it by means of an electrical device for a few minutes, the organisms in question cease to emit frequencies of their own scope, i.e., they either die or are irreversibly damaged. This discovery allowed Dr. Clark to create a new therapeutic method which she called “zapping” and the electrical device which emits the therapy frequencies – “zapper”. Dr. Clark wrote 5 books based on thousands of studies she carried out with her patients and they became bestsellers in the US and worldwide. Apart from its action against viruses and parasites, the zapping therapy stimulates the immune system, improves vitality and enhances the brain activity and good memory. In addition to the therapy, Dr. Clark used many herbs, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements which improve the healing process in the organism. In Europe, the center which promotes Dr. Clark’s work is called “Dr. Clark Research Association” and is located in Bern, Switzerland. The center offers the whole range of food supplements and electrical devices which Dr. Clark recommends in her world-famous books. Dr. BIOMASTER Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Dr. Clark Research Association for Bulgaria.



Other natural products

We offer you a list of the most popular natural products that you can find in stores for food supplements. Each of them support the immune system and helps cleanse your body. Read carefully the directions on the label or product leaflet before use.