Dr. Biomaster brings to your attention

Предоставяни услуги от фирма

1. The company’s high-quality products from curative mushrooms, including IMMUNE MODULATOR, which is one of the world’s mightiest immunomodulators of that type. Dr. Biomaster’s products are food supplements produced from totally natural organic materials.

2. The curative mushroom products of Hawlik Gesundheitsprodukte GmbH , Germany’s largest manufactuter of fungal supplements.

3. The famous Brazilian formula with Aloe Arborescens of the company DЕСА ALOES ARBORESCENS. This formula is also known as Father Romano Zago’s recipe.

4. The popular all over America and recently in Europe herbal mixture (ESSIAC®), famous for its powerful beneficial effect in severe health conditions.

5. Dr Hulda Clark’s treatment method for various diseases.

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