Aloe Arborescens

Aloe has been used as a folk medicine for centuries all over the world. Among the components of Aloe, the low-molecular weight components have been well studied and used as purgatives. In the last few decades, the clinical application of Aloe extract, probably the components of high molecular weight, in skin injury and burns, as well as an anti-inflammatory, has been reported. Aloctin A (Alo A) is a highly purified glycoprotein with molecular weight of 1.8 x 104 Da from the leaves of Aloe arborescens and exhibits various biological activities, such as mitogenic activity for T lymphocytes, binding reactivity for human a2-macroglobulin and activation of component 3 of complement system via the alternative pathway1.
Aloe arborescens is one of the main varieties of aloe used worldwide.
The aloe arborescens is commercially grown mainly at South Africa, Italy, Uruguay and some asian countries. It is a variety highly used in Italy, as dietary supplement, juice and into cosmetics. Several laboratories have developed pharmaceutical products based on aloe arborescens. The product, however, is quite difficult to process industrially, and main presentations come from whole leaf aloe arborescens juice.

Many researches said it has more properties than the other aloe varieties for cancer and tumoral treatment. In fact, there is a famous home-made cancer treatment developed by Father Zago, a priest who developed a drink mixing aloe arborescens miller leaves with sugar and an alcoholic drink, to be ingested by those with some cancer types and tumoral presence.
In in-vitro research, the Aloe arborescens has shown considerable activity against tumours and cancers. The possible scavenging effects of Aloe arborescens, its preventive effects and destruction of certain cancer cells have been observed by Japanese and American research. In addition, its considerable activity in stimulating the immune system helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer.


Key Benefits

  • The Aloe arborescens species: known to promote supreme immune health and broad-based immune health benefits.
  • Provides gentle cleansing for the whole body.
  • Contains a complete array of Aloe’s health promoting, active glucomannan polysaccharides 4% such as mannose (2ml per serving) to guarantee maximum effectiveness in immune support system.
  • Promotes healthy blood, cardiovascular, colon and immune system health.
  • Is 200% higher in phytonutrient compounds than Aloe Vera.
  • Promotes great general health and well-being.


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